• Efficiency & Safety

    UVC Germicidal Fixtures increase the value of all air conditioning and air-circulating systems by maximizing system efficiency and prolonging blower life. In addition, by treating air that passes through your HVAC unit with ultraviolet light, you will reduce, or eliminate, DNA based airborne contaminants (bacteria, viruses, mold spores, yeast, protozoa), and provide people in offices, and at home, with much healthier air to breathe. For more than 75 years, tens of thousands have been safely installed in hospitals, clinics, processing plants, commercial offices, manufacturing sites and other commercial facilities and multi and singlefamily residences around the world.

  • UVC and Filters

    Though you still need filters, which can trap dust, pollen and other particles, to actually remove harmful bacteria and viruses from the air stream you need the addition of UVC light, which renders these microorganisms sterile, and therefore unable to reproduce. Without UVC, coils require constant cleaning, an expensive and inferior process. In fact, many cleaning techniques rely on toxic and/or flammable solvents that are dangerous, and that can diminish the life of the coil. Cleaning also frequently leaves material embedded in the center of the fin pack. Steam cleaning, in particular, can actually force growth deeper into the fin pack, compressing it so tightly that the only solution could be to replace the coil.

  • Return On Investment

    UVC Germicidal Fixtures are a labor-free solution that will not harm occupants, equipment or furnishings in buildings or residences because they produce no ozone or secondary contaminants. And they keep coils clean all of the time, enabling HVAC systems to perform as originally intended, and ensuring system efficiency, longer equipment life, and lower energy and maintenance costs. In fact, they’ll often pay for themselves in only months and save many thousands of dollars in on-going energy and maintenance costs. In processing plants they’ll also contribute to improved product quality, greater yield and longer shelf life. In addition, they play a very important role in improving air quality. UVC Germicidal Fixtures eliminate the awful odor and slimy build up associated with mold and bacteria that thrive when temperatures are between 50-70ºF, and when moisture is present, and that is unhealthy for all building and residential occupants. Healthier employees mean better productivity and less sick time off.

  • Why Solutions Inc?

    UVC Germicidal Fixtures from Solutions Inc are unique. They feature the highest High Output (HO) Lamps, which provide even greater efficiency than lamps other companies offer. And our lamps don’t lose as much germicidal energy when temperatures fall within the HVAC system, enabling them to kill more mold and bacteria across a wider temperature and air velocity range than all others.

    UVC Germicidal Fixtures from Solutions Inc:

    • Resist moisture, which prevents corrosion on lamp ends and electrical connections that can shorten lamp life (our fixtures actually outlive the lamps)
    • Feature patent pending lamps that are the easiest to install and replace
    • Two-year guarantee on lamps with only 20% decrease in output over the two years
    • Ten year ballast warranty
    • “Green” lamps (≤ 8mg of mercury)
    • Made, assembled and tested in the USA
    • Designed for direct coil irradiation; Dual lamp systems also disinfect pass-by air
    • Optional indicator lamps to notify customers when the lamp life has expired
    • Maintenance – simply wipe down with a damp cloth when performing already scheduled filter cleaning – no additional 4 maintenance is necessary

    Solutions Inc manufactures a range of UVC Germicidal Fixtures that are ideal for commercial applications, including the CC Series, DC Series, CK Series, NC Series and ICR Series.

    Located on the discharge side of the cooling coil, the CC series of germicidal fixtures expose the coil surface and drain pan to UVC light, eliminating DNA-based airborne contaminants by rendering them sterile, and therefore unable to reproduce. Mold and bacteria simply won’t build up or be introduced into the air stream.

    In addition, Coil Clean UVC Germicidal Fixtures:

    • Eliminate costly manual and chemical cleaning of mold and bacterial growth from coils
    • Maintain coils like new – so no loss of cooling efficiency
    • Extend life of blower because coils are clean and blower doesn’t work as hard to push same amount of air as would be required if the system was fouled
    • Improve work environment, and productivity, because workers request less time off due to illness

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