• Design

    We can help your lighting projects or your organization with specifying fixtures and laying out. Our team works with the indoor and outdoor areas for commercial and industrial facilities as well.

  • Verification

    After the arrival of fixtures to the Solutions Inc, We will verify all the products, whether it may have any damages or misplaced.

  • Photometrics

    Soutions Inc offers Photometrics services with computer-generated lighting layout, graphics, ensuring the best lighting development design for you.

  • Project Management

    We assigned a dedicated project manager to oversee project management of the lighting upgrade regarding verification reports, change orders, weekly status reports, training, and troubleshooting problems for your lighting, recycling, and electrical material.

  • Rebate Management and Installation

    Realize a return on your investment with lower costs and more energy savings. Improving your business’s lighting is an easy way to save energy and earn rebates from our Solutions Inc program. We are the expert partner for maximizing your rebates and installs qualified lighting fixtures, bulbs, LED lights, and lamps to help improve workforce productivity.

  • Recycling

    Solutions Inc takes care of recycling your all hazardous materials including lamps, and ballasts across the country. We maintain all required documentation for the recycling of small & bulk pick-ups from manifesting to storage containers and shipping facility.

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