• Design

    From the initial design and installation to operation and maintenance, we’ve got you covered. You get the service levels you deserve, and the system performance we’ve agreed on.

    Solution Inc’s team of Lighting Certified professionals will help in the design of your lighting projects. With our ability to provide products from dozens of LED manufacturers, we can deliver the photometric layouts to ensure that our design team is meeting your project's energy and performance requirements.
    Our team helps your lighting projects or your organization with specifying fixtures and laying out indoor and outdoor areas for commercial and industrial facilities.

  • Verification

    Verification of products is obviously a key aspect of what we do as a company as we are liable and responsible for your products. Once the fixtures have arrived you can leave it all to us as we will verify all the products, to check for any damages or for misplacement of items.

  • Photometrics

    Solutions Inc offers Photometrics services with computer-generated lighting layout, graphics, ensuring the best lighting development design for you making sure of improving the efficiency and colour qualities of LEDs and nanocomposite thermal management materials. Our offerings will be based on green technologies and help the industry improve energy efficiency and lighting quality of their products.
    Our responsibility to our clients and partners begins with providing timely test and measurement services of highest quality and reliability. All of the material specified by our Best Practices Team that we will recommend to be used in your buildings has been approved by The Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE).
    Our primary commercialization motivation is to benefit society through our ability to innovate. We perceive profit as a vehicle to reinvest in further innovation.

  • Project Management

    We assign a dedicated project manager to oversee project management of your lighting upgrade and the said person would be incharge of verification reports, change orders, weekly status reports, training, and troubleshooting problems for your lighting, recycling, and electrical material etc. Basically a go to person for all our client requirements and queries. We would make sure that we are constantly available in the hour of need.

  • Rebate Management and Installation

    Realize a return on your investment with lower costs and more energy savings. Improving your business’s lighting is an easy way to save energy and earn rebates from our Solutions Inc program. We are the expert partner for maximizing your rebates and installs qualified lighting fixtures, bulbs, LED lights, and lamps to help improve workforce productivity.

  • Recycling

    Solutions Inc takes care of recycling all hazardous materials including lamps, and ballasts across the country. We maintain all required documentation for the recycling; bulk pick-ups from manifesting to storage containers and shipping facility.

    Being a socially aware company whose main agendas include Green Energy initiatives, it is very important to us that the same vigour and spirit follows through to all our processes end to end. It is also our aim to spread the wind of change to our clients as well so that we could all move towards a better future.

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